Don’t have a Kindle?

I have gotten questions from many folks that are interested to read the book, but are not sure how the they could since they do not have a Kindle. No worries!  If you can read this message, you are already using a device that will also allow you to read the entire book. Amazon makes things unnecessarily complicated in order to promote their Kindles and they are alienating potential customers as a result.

The “Kindle” products can actually be viewed on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.  On the book sales page, Amazon refers to a “Kindle Cloud Viewer” and a “Kindle reader app”. The Kindle Cloud Viewer just means you can stream it on your computer on any of the popular internet browsers. If you have an Apple device or other smartphone, when you go to open the file, it will automatically direct you to a free Kindle Reader app to download.  It’s a quick and easy process.

Otherwise, the print version of the book is now available via Amazon, and other sources.

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